Warwick police make arrests in synagogue vandalism case

Warwick, R.I. – Warwick police have arrested two men for the vandalism last week of Temple Am David after a Jewish police officer provided the break in the case.

The officer heard talk last week of who might be responsible for painting a swastika and a racial epithet on the Jewish synagogue, and he turned the information over to Warwick Police.

Last night, police arrested 20-year-old Ryan Johnson and a male teenager who is too young to be identified.

Temple cantor Richard Perlman said he intended to meet with the men's families to determine their motives.

"I hope that through education these two will be put in a position to understand what they have done and through that education maybe we can educate more people who use anti-Semitic language," he said.

Police do not believe the vandalism was a hate crime because the two were allegedly involved in other non-religious, non-racial vandalism.