Providence, RI – Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the crackle of burning wood as the sun sets in the western sky, the soft whoosh of flowing water, and the stirring sounds of a moving operatic aria - sounds that have the power to transport us beyond the day-to-day, routine, and quotidian events in our lives. Seasoned Rhode Islanders know that I speak of Providence's Waterfire, the Barnaby Evans creation that has captured and moved us since 1996. Along the way, Waterfire has inspired some of us to write about its magic, as in the poem by Dave Dragone.

Dragone has been a fitness instructor, the operator of a small convenience store, and an oil company salesman, among other vocations. For the past eight years Dragone has tuned and serviced pianos, along with writing and teaching music. He lives in Middletown with his wife and son, and has been writing poems since the 1970s.

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