Weathering The Storm, With A Hot Slice Of Pizza

Jan 5, 2018

When businesses shut down during winter storms, residents looking for a hot meal can be left in the cold. Unless you happen to live in Newport.

As winds howled down and snow drifts billowed across Broadway on Thursday, some people found respite at A1 Pizza. Inside, fans whirred as ovens toasted hot pies, and a chef grilled bacon cheeseburgers.

The shop has been open some 40 years in the City by the Sea, and it is rarely closed.

“Only Christmas and Thanksgiving,” said Steven Wall, who works at the local stand-by.

For some, a snow day calls for a cup of soup and mug of hot cocoa. But for others, it’s a grinder or a large pepperoni.

Jacob Mosher, who also works at A1 Pizza, said the storm wasn’t going to keep him away.

“We been doing this since, 1977 I believe,” said Mosher. “They were open for the blizzard of 1978. You know if you’re brave enough to come out, we’re going to meet your needs.”

Inside A1 Pizza
Credit John Bender / RIPR

A1 Pizza also serves as a de facto meal spot for those professionals who never get a day off for the weather, even blizzard-like conditions. On Thursday, people working at a nearby nursing home and a funeral home picked up pies.

“They’re grateful," said Steven Wall. "People on the phone are like, ‘Oh we didn’t think you’d be open. We’ll call right back.’ It’s nice to be a service for people."