Westerly Zoning Board Takes Up Copar Quarry Expansion

Nov 5, 2013

Westerly’s Zoning Board is circling back to a cease and desist order against Copar and Westerly Granite. Tuesday's hearing picks up where the zoning board left off earlier this year.

Residents near Copar’s quary say it’s noisy and spews rock and dust into the air, causing health risks. Copar says the noise is no louder than a busy road.

Meanwhile, Copar and the Town of Westerly are locked in a lawsuit that the former town manager was hoping would be resolved in mediation.

The town’s legal bills have topped 30-thousand dollars. Tonight’s zoning board hearing centers on whether Copar expanded into adjoining land without the proper paperwork.  Hearings of the issue have been stop and go since early this year.

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