From the What Not to Do Department...

Feb 28, 2013

An admissions officer at Penn has encountered the power of the internet, as well as the perils of social media. Nadirah Farah Foley was fired for posting excerpts from college applications and mocking them on her personal Facebook page.

Here's the full story from The Daily Pennsylvanian.

As The Chronicle of Higher Education notes, this is further proof that employees and students alike should view the internet as public - not private - space. What's more, this type of escapade can do real damage to a university's reputation:

Surely it’s not uncommon for admissions officers, who may read thousands of such essays, to poke some gentle fun in the privacy of a cubicle or a bar booth. However, copies of Ms. Foley’s excerpts, along with her snide comments, made it as far as the College Confidential Web site, where students find and share information about institutions they may apply to.