Where ACA Dollars Have Flowed Into RI

Jul 10, 2014

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have announced the second round of Health Care Innovation awards. These are big grants for projects that are trying to reduce the cost of health care and/or improve care delivery, often for some of the sickest or most complicated patients.

Rhode Island doesn't have a "round two" project, but the state did receive funding during round one. And this is just one of many "innovation" grants to come out of the Affordable Care Act. So, I thought it would be worthwhile to look up some other projects the law has helped launch here. Below is a screen shot of a CMS map of such projects in the Ocean State.

Who knows, you might even be involved in one and not know it. Is your health care provider on this map?

Many of the projects have to do with improving access to primary care and preventative services, trying out new payment models designed to reward quality over quantity, and improving the way health care providers manage patients with chronic diseases.

There's lots of discussion right now about what's covered or not covered under the Affordable Care Act, about the online health insurance marketplaces, and the politics of the law. But few realize the law put into motion much more than insurance web sites and debates over birth control coverage. It sent many millions of dollars into states to try out new health care models. Love Obamacare or hate it, these ACA-related projects could change the way your health is managed, what you pay for, and how much you pay for it.

Want to know more about one of these projects? Follow this link. I'd love to know what projects interest you the most.

CMS-funded innovation projects are taking place throughout Rhode Island.
Credit Screen shot / Centers for Medicare and Medicaid