Where will RI Hospital find an extra $300,000?

Providence, RI – Now that Rhode Island Hospital has to pay a $300,000 for leaving a piece of metal inside a surgery patient, how will the medical center pay its fine?

The Rhode Island Department of Health gave the fine to the medical center and says there are no restrictions on where the hospital finds the money to pay it.

Rhode Island Hospital says it will get the $300,000 from its operating budget. That means the hospital will have to cut back a little on paying for everything else. That operating budget is funded in part by parking fees and private and public payers.

Rhode Islanders spend about 6.7 billion dollars on health care each year, it's also unlikely that the relatively small fine will affect health insurance costs.

Rhode Island Hospital may be paying another fine soon- the medical center is reporting another medical error where surgeons left a pair of forceps inside a patient's abdomen.

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