Where's my tax refund? - improved

Jan 28, 2013

Officials with the Rhode Island Division of Taxation say it should be a little easier to track the progress of your income tax refund this year.

The “Where’s my refund” tool on the division’s website is being upgraded to give taxpayers more detailed information on why the refund is held up. In the past it often said ‘held for review’ – sometimes for weeks.

Neil Downing, a chief revenue agent, says it’s part of the division’s ongoing efforts to improve customer service.
"We have a limited computer system. What we’re able to provide taxpayers right now is very limited, unfortunately. But we want to make do with what we have and this is one way to improve what we already have."
The upgraded “Where’s my Refund” tool will go online in late February according to Downing.  "Suppose you file your return but you are missing a form W2, you know a wage statement. In the past if you went on [line] and tried to find out through our ‘Where’s my Refund?’ tool what the status is of your refund it wouldn’t tell you that all we needed was a missing W2. Now you’ll be told ‘we’re missing a W2, please mail a copy in or fax a copy in' and we will provide you with the address to use or the fax number to use."
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