Which RI Senator Shuns The U.S. Senate Secret Santa Exchange?

Dec 18, 2013

The U.S. Senate had its Secret Santa gift exchange, and one of Rhode Island’s senators bowed out of the fun. For the last three years Minnesota Sen. Al Franken has arranged the bipartisan Secret Santa. But Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse said he loves to torment his friend, Sen. Franken, by refusing to take part in the affair.

The U.S. Senate's Secret Santa exchange went on without one Rhode Island senator.
Credit U.S. Capitol

Whitehouse said Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid also passes up the chance to swap a cheap gift with a fellow U.S. Senator.

Not Jack Reed, who said he got some barbeque sauce and a bottle of red wine from Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby. And in return he gave Michigan Sen. Carl Levin a West Point tie. Reed said if Levin is going to be chairman of the Armed Services Committee, he needs a good tie for the job.

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