White Christmas Likely For RI And South Coast

Dec 22, 2017

It looks like this will be a white Christmas for Rhode Island and the South Coast. The National Weather Service predicts temperatures will hover around freezing through the holiday.

Weather Service spokesman Bill Simpson said flakes will likely start falling late this weekend.

“Exact snow amounts are not quite pinned down, but late Sunday evening, just after sunset, through Christmas morning, maybe into early afternoon,” said Simpson. “Certainly looks like a ‘plowable’ snow event.”

Simpson said you may have to spend some holiday time digging out, but not too much.

“Down by the coast might get a little bit less, but once you get to northwest Rhode Island, you could see upwards of five inches or more,” said Simpson.

Simpson says the region can’t usually count on a White Christmas. In recent years temperatures climbed well above average on the holiday.