Whitehouse does not directly address Hinckley charges

PROVIDENCE, RI – Sheldon Whitehouse's campaign manager is declining to respond directly to an accusation of hypocrisy by his Republican opponent. GOP challenger Barry Hinckley says Whitehouse is trying to have it both ways by criticizing special interest money in politics. As Hinckley notes, Whitehouse has also accepted more than 2 million dollars from political action committees since his first Senate run in 2006.

Whitehouse's campaign manager, Tony Simon, says the senator has pushed for greater transparency on political contributions. "Senator Whitehouse has been a real leader on campaign finance issues and transparency so we know where the money is coming from in our elections, and it's important that Mr. Hinckley support that as well."

Whitehouse has a huge fundraising advantage over Hinckley as the two candidates head toward the November election.

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