Why the baseball all-star game is the best

Jul 17, 2013

The baseball all-star game is the best of all the major American professional sports because the players actually play defense, unlike the NBA’s basketball all-star farce and the NFL’s pro bowl, a game that resembles nothing so much as Arena football. Even the NHL all-star fest features scant defense.

Last night’s game at Citi Field in New York was a classic, a 3-0 win by the American League that means the AL will get home field advantage for the 2013 World Series. The pitching was great and the game featured some nice fielding plays, especially the great stop at third base by Baltimore’s Manny Machado and a nifty grab by Dustin Pedroia of our Red Sawx, moving to his right from his perch at second.

It is always fun to watch the baseball all-star game because the outcome does determine the World Series home field advantage.  And for a career-capping moment, how about Mariano Rivera’s solo walk to the mound in the eighth inning?

Rivera tossed a perfect inning and won a thundering round of applause. Even the Neil Diamond `Sweet Caroline’ moment engaged the crowd.