Why won’t Anthony Gemma appear on RINPR’s Political Roundtable?

Jul 23, 2012

Despite vowing during his campaign announcement in April to sit down for detailed interviews with reporters, Anthony Gemma’s campaign has spurned repeated invitations to appear as a guest on Rhode Island Public Radio’s weekly Political Roundtable.

I made repeated requests for Gemma to join us after he announced his campaign. No dice.

Last week, campaign spokesman Alex Morash made a tentative commitment for Gemma to appear on the Roundtable this week. But Morash informed me a short time ago Gemma won’t be able to make it, signing off with, “Perhaps another time.”

The other major candidates in the First Congressional District, Republican Brendan Doherty and Democrat David Cicilline, have each appeared on Roundtable. Our guests are a mix of political persuasions and closely divided between Democrats and Republicans.

Gemma has sat down with Buddy Cianci, that well-known one-time guest of the federal government.

But for now at least, Gemma is maintaining radio silence for listeners of RIPR.