The Wildlife That Soars Above Downtown Providence

Nov 29, 2013

Just one of the many photos Peter Green has taken of wild birds flying above Providence.
Credit Peter Green

A photographer living in downtown Providence has caught amazing photos of hawks, owls and falcons flying above the capital city. He discovered the wild birds by following the pigeons.

It all started when Peter Green moved into an apartment facing the Superman building. He loved to watch the pigeons fly outside his window, and one day he spotted a falcon munching the pigeons that had captured his attention.

That’s when he started focusing his lens on what were Peregrine falcons soaring above Kennedy Plaza. Green said there are also hawks and owls in the area that have discovered the plentiful supply of pigeons in Burnside Park. “There’s an urban legend that these hawks were brought in by the government to rid the city of pigeons,” he said, “which is completely not true.”

Green said this is a great time of year to spot hawks and falcons perching in the leafless trees in Burnside Park.

His photos of the birds in flight have graced wildlife websites and the office of Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse.

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