Will Landmark finally land a buyer?

PROVIDENCE, RI – A nearly three year search to find a buyer for Woonsocket's Landmark Medical center may end in court today.

At 2pm this afternoon, Superior Court Judge Michael Silverstein is scheduled to rule on the future buyer for Landmark Medical Center.

Right now he has only one choice- Steward Health Care System- the parent company of the Caritas Christi Hospital chain in Massachusetts.

Last week, Silverstein declared that none of three earlier bidders were viable owners for Landmark.

He instead decided to review a new offer from Steward. Original negotiations with the hospital chain stalled last fall, but the company has now signed a purchase agreement, negotiated with Landmark's union, and made a million dollar deposit on the hospital.

Landmark's president calls the offer an outstanding proposal. We may learn if the judge agrees later today.

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