Wind power summit convenes in Providence

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The Northeast Offshore Wind Summit is being held in Providence Monday and Tuesday. Regional developers and policymakers are reviewing the energy potential of wind power as well as the necessity of training a workforce for the new wind industry.

While the conference has focused on offshore wind projects such as the wind farm on Block Island, Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation Government Affairs Director Fred Hashway says on-shore special area management projects are important too.

"We're announcing something that we call a land-based SAMP which will really profile the land-based opportunities in Rhode Island and think about how to deploy large scale utilities projects on-shore as well," said Hashway.

The East Bay Energy Consortium recently selected Tiverton as an ideal site for a land-based wind farm. Hashway said the Summit will include the announcement of a new off-shore wind Center for Excellence at the University of Rhode Island.

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