Wind turbine plans may be blowing in the wind

PROVIDENCE, RI – The Jamestown town council meets Monday to get an update on plans to build a windmill to furnish the municipality's electrical needs. Some council members are talking about shelving the whole project.

Overwhelmed by the cost of building a two mile transmission line and spooked by the problems Portsmouth's been having with its wind turbine, the Jamestown Town Council may vote tonight to abandon plans for its own wind mill.

On the drawing boards for six years, the 400-foot turbine would have provided all of the town and schools electricity needs, with some left over to sell to the power grid.

But it's gotten too expensive, says council member William Murphy who predicts a majority of the council will vote to abandon the project.

"I think we have at least three to kill it. At the end of the day I'm responsible for the money in the town and I should not spend taxpayer money on something that's a risk, or this much of a risk. It's a $6 million project. Look, think about this. It's such a small margin. If anything goes wrong we cannot make money. Jamestown should not be in the energy business."

Murphy also cites the problems Portsmouth's been having with its municipal turbine, which is broken down and in need of close to half a million dollars worth of repairs.

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