Winter weather driving advice

Jan 1, 2013

As we dig out from this past weekend’s snow storm, a state official is warning there is still a danger from ice on the roads.  Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency spokesperson Annemarie Beardsworth says this can make driving dangerous.

"turn the steering wheel in the direction you would like the car to go."

“If you should happen to hit some ice, and your car starts skidding or spinning, remember what they taught us in Drivers Education.  Do not slam on your brakes.  I think that’s everyone’s natural reaction.  But what we do recommend is take your foot off the gas pedal and then turn the steering wheel in the direction you would like the car to go.”
Bearsworth also reminds drivers and pedestrians alike that it is hard to see so-called black ice.  She says this kind of invisible ice is usually found in shaded areas such as areas beneath under-passes.
She adds the reminder to area drivers: make sure the tops of cars are cleared of snow.
Beardsworth explains this snow can be a danger to others.
“If you’re driving along on the highway eventually that snow is going to blow off the roof of your car and whoever might be driving behind you is going to get all that snow blown on their car and may impair their vision for a short period of time.”
Beardsworth also advises allowing extra space between you and the car in front of you when driving.

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