Woodmansee mental evaluations due next week

PROVIDENCE, RI – Evaluations by two physicians on Michael Woodmansee's mental condition are complete and will be handed in next week. And there will also be a hearing next week on an infraction that may keep him behind bars a little longer.

The evaluations are extremely confidential. And they must say Woodmansee needs care and treatment in a mental facility in order to have him involuntarily committed.

The Department of Corrections' Ellen Evans Alexander says attorneys will get a copy of the evaluations next week. "Then we will review them and then we will follow the statutory procedure for civil commitment if that's warranted," she says.

Woodmansee will have a hearing next week on charges that he flushed his prison-issued razor down a toilet. This infraction could add days to his time in prison.

Woodmansee is scheduled to be released this August on early release for good behavior. He was convicted of the 1975 murder of a 5-year-old boy.

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