Woonsocket employee sorry for asking candidate not to run

PROVIDENCE, RI – An employee of Woonsocket's Board of Canvassers has apologized for urging a persistent candidate to pull out of the city council race. Employee Henri Cyr gave the advice in hopes of saving Woonsocket $25,000.

The way it works in Woonsocket is once there are more than double the candidates than seats there must be a primary. So with seven seats and 15 candidates, Cyr begged perennial candidate Michael Moniz not to run. Cyr says it's because the primary would cost Woonsocket about $25,000.

The Valley Breeze reports that Cyr gave Moniz the advice the day after the nomination deadline. Moniz says the pleading should have been directed toward the last candidate to file.

"I was the first one to turn my papers in. I had all my signatures in a day and a half and they always ask me, they should ask someone else for a change," says Moniz.

Moniz says he can't remember how many times he's run for office, and he's not giving up this race.

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