Woonsocket Police: Mystery Urn Could Be Filled With Pet Remains

Nov 26, 2013

Woonsocket police said no one has stepped forward to claim an elaborate urn which was found in a storage locker earlier this month. But they have learned something about its contents.

Woonsocket Police believe this unclaimed urn is filled with pet remains.
Credit Woonsocket Police Department

Last week Woonsocket police put out an advisory urging the owner of a small urn to come forward to claim it.  The urn is about four inches tall, silver in color, with a bright flower pattern. It contained a pile of ashes.

The ashes, as it turns out, were not human. Woonsocket police Lt. Christopher Brooks said two cadaver-sniffing dogs failed to alert to the remains. Police now believe they are the ashes of pets.

The urn remains at the Woonsocket Police Department waiting to be re-claimed.

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