Wrangling over who controls Central Falls heads to court

Jan 15, 2013

(PROVIDENCE, RI) A Superior Court judge will meet Wednesday with the two sides wrangling over control of Central Falls. Attorneys for the state-appointed receiver say by state law it’s up to the receiver to decide when it’s time to step away. But a lawyer representing some city council members says the time limit on receivership is up.

The receiver’s office has tried repeatedly to meet with the city council to go over a five-year plan that will guide the city’s finances. Theodore Orson is an attorney for the receiver. He says if the entire city council would meet with them, then receivership would end quickly.  

 “We don’t want to be there. It’s costing the city money we don’t want to charge,” says Orson. “On the other hand, we don’t want to put the city in a position where all the good work that has been done, could become undone.”

Orson says the plan was to hand the keys back over to Central Falls’ elected officials on December 31st but the failure to meet nixed that plan. City Council President William Benson Jr. did not return calls for this story, but has said he has little faith in the city’s five-year recovery plan. Receivership has cost Central Falls nearly $4 million.

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