Wyatt Detention Center Enters Receivership

Jun 13, 2014

The troubled Wyatt Detention Center in Central Falls has entered receivership. The facility has been losing money for a while and contributed to the city’s financial woes.

Superior Court Judge Michael Silverstein has put Jonathan Savage temporarily in charge of the Central Falls Detention Facility Corporation. That’s the organization that oversees the maximum security prison. Savage must now draw up a plan to dig the Wyatt Detention Center out of the red. The facility has lost millions a year for at least seven years in a row. And it owes another $97 million in outstanding bond debt.

Wyatt is no stranger to crises. It opened in 1993 to provide more prison beds and, ostensibly, to boost Central Falls’ economy. But after an immigrant detainee died in custody in 2008, the federal government pulled its business, and Wyatt lost a quarter of its revenue. The City of Central Falls went broke in 2010, in part because of a drop in revenues from Wyatt.