Youth Advocacy Groups To Hold Providence Mayoral Forum

Apr 23, 2014

Members of youth advocacy groups Providence Student Union and Young Voices will host a mayoral forum Thursday at the Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex on Thurber's Avenue in Providence.

The group members will press all six candidates for Mayor of Providence on multiple issues affecting young people. The issues in question will range from an increase in hands-on learning in schools to transportation policies. Kinte Howie of Young Voices says the forum will be a good way for youths to get involved in the policies that affect them.

"The reason why we as youths want to have this candidates' forum is because there are issues that we need to address to our candidates that are not often heard by youths, because youths are never there when they make these policies," said Howie.

Students from Providence after-school programs are expected to attend, along with leaders in education and politics from across the city.

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