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Future Docs is a radio and online documentary project that follows the experiences of medical students and residents as they become doctors. They are our “Future Docs.” Our key question: what’s it like to become a doctor today in Rhode Island, and how is that changing? Along the way, we’re talking to experts, analyzing relevant news, and looking beyond Rhode Island’s borders to create a richer picture of doctor education today.

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Kristin Gourlay / RIPR

Throughout the school year, we've been following two bright, young, future doctors. Now, we're wrapping up the journey with a one-hour documentary about the crucible of medical school, set against the backdrop of some of the most dramatic changes in health care in a generation. Listen to the full hour or individual segments online, below, or download and listen on the go.

Dr. Stanley Aronson on the Future Docs of America

May 15, 2013

As we celebrate the conclusion of our school-year-long series "Future Docs," guest blogger Dr. Stanley M. Aronson reflects on how far medical education has come since he entered the field 70 years ago.

Kristin Gourlay / RIPR

Throughout the school year, we’ve been documenting the experiences of two Brown University medical students. They’ve begun their careers at a time when health care is changing dramatically – from where we get care to who provides it and how we pay for it. But our Future Docs Sarah and Peter are ready to dive in. They’re about to begin their third year in medical school, leaving behind the familiarity of the classroom for the new world of the hospital wards.

New data from the Association of American Medical Colleges shows med school enrollment is on track to reach a 30% increase by 2017. That's over enrollment numbers in 2002.

Rhode Island's own Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University is no exception, with record enrollment numbers.

What's most interesting about the data is that a good number of the new med school slots are in newly accredited or in-the-process-of-becoming accredited medical schools. There's one in our own backyard that fits that bill, Quinnipiac.

Future Docs: Live Forum at Brown

Apr 27, 2013

Today, who takes care of you, where, and how your care is paid for is shifting dramatically. Tomorrow’s doctors need to understand how to work in teams, how to balance quality and cost, and maybe even how to keep an entire population – and not just a single patient – healthy.

Hear how Brown’s medical school faculty are responding to this changing landscape through innovations in the curriculum. Plus, meet the two medical students who have been featured in Rhode Island Public Radio’s school-year-long documentary seriesFuture Docs.”

The forum is moderated by Kristin Gourlay, health care reporter, Rhode Island Public Radio.

Panelists include:

· Rhode Island Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts

· Paul George, MD, Director of Year II curriculum at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University

· Second year medical students Peter Kaminski and Sarah Rapoport, featured on “Future Docs

The forum is moderated by Kristin Gourlay, health care reporter, Rhode Island Public Radio.

Forum recorded at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University on Tuesday April 23.

Before the forum, Dr. Stanley Aronson spoke to the audience about the advances in medical training. You can read his comments here on his guest blog post.