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Hosted by Frederic Reamer

Modeled on the popular 1950s radio series of the same name hosted by Edward R. Murrow, This I Believe - New England, hosted by Frederic Reamer, is an effort to share the many stories of people of New England... the personal experiences that have helped form the opinions of your neighbors. This I Believe - New England is also an opportunity for you to share your own beliefs and experiences.

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This I Believe New England: Poems

9 minutes ago
Scott Indermaur

Words matter.  They matter a lot.  We string words together in myriad ways.  Sentences filled with compelling prose.  Catchy phrases that inspire us.  One-word exclamations, some of which are unprintable and can't be said on the air.  And then there's poetry: the exquisitely careful, often delicate, assemblage of words that linger together artfully in ways that are sometimes hard to anticipate when we try out their juxtaposition.  Robert Frost wrote, "I have never started a poem yet whose end I knew.

This I Believe New England: Seasons

Apr 17, 2018
Scott Indermaur

No doubt you have noticed how our lives ebb and flow, much like the seasons.  Both literally and figuratively we get to experience the wonder of stunningly beautiful spring days and the bitter assault delivered by the occasional winter blizzard.  Such is life.  Indeed, seasons seem to be able to teach us so much about coping with life's inevitable ups and downs, including its bittersweet moments.

This I Believe New England: Ride The Bus

Apr 11, 2018
Scott Indermaur

Several years ago, political scientist Robert Putnam wrote a compelling book with the intriguing title Bowling Alone. Based on tens of thousands of interviews, Putnam astutely argued that over the last quarter century Americans have begun living much more fragmented lives.

This I Believe New England: Beyond Our Coast

Apr 3, 2018
Scott Indermaur

Rhode Islanders think of themselves as residents of the Ocean State for good reason.  We're surrounded.  Maybe not literally surrounded at every border, but certainly by any objective measure water pervades our rich culture.

This I Believe New England: Paying Attention

Mar 27, 2018
Scott Indermaur

Paying attention.  Two words.  Five syllables.  It sounds so simple.  But if we're completely honest with ourselves, how many of us would have a hard time raising our hands claiming that we're good at paying attention, really paying attention, as we march through our lives?  Are we staring at our smartphone screens in lieu of connecting with the people we really care about?  Are we racing from Point A to Point B without noticing the remarkable moon hanging right above us or the tree blossoms unfolding right in front of our eyes?

Scott Indermaur

So many moments in life call for courage and grit. Managing a bad medical diagnosis. Absorbing the unexpected news that you’ve just been laid off from the job you've loved for years. Having your romantic fantasies dashed by the startling text message informing you that your partner has decided it's best to part ways.

This I Believe New England: Value Of A Dollar

Mar 13, 2018
Scott Indermaur

Life is full of mundane and not-so-mundane things that many of us get quite used to and, over time, take for granted.

This I Believe New England: Showing Up

Mar 6, 2018
Scott Indermaur

We've all been there: Those times when the people we care most about need us badly, perhaps in the face of dreadful news.  Of course, the tables sometimes turn, and we need others to provide succor and solace.  Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature."  But being present in these difficult, sometimes overwhelming moments, isn't always easy.  Tears, trauma, and anguish can be hard to bear.  Yet sometimes simply being there is all we can offer, and might even be all that's needed, as we hear from Patricia Liberty. 


This I Believe New England: Dawdling

Feb 27, 2018
Scott Indermaur

So many of us, perhaps all of us, do our best to cope with the rush of life.  The pressures and pace seem relentless, the push to move it, move it, move it!  Race to pick up the kids on time!  Check those text messages!  Get that final draft in by noon!  And on and on.

This I Believe New England: Empathy

Feb 20, 2018
Scott Indermaur

  Empathy – real empathy – is a mysterious phenomenon.  The poet Walt Whitman wrote, "I do not ask the wounded person how he feels, I myself become the wounded person.” 

This I Believe New England: Complaining

Feb 13, 2018
Scott Indermaur

Who among us hasn't carved moments out of our lives to moan . . . and . . . groan. "If that kid of mine doesn't clean her room, I'm going to bust a gut!" "Can you believe the prices on this menu?" "What in heaven's name do I need to do to lose some weight?"  Complaining seems to be part of the human condition, what happens between inhaling and exhaling. 

Scott Indermaur

For some, studying history conjures up images of dusty documents piled high in the library stacks or a professor's book-filled office.  How many of us can recall history courses where we studied fistfuls of flashcards before the exam, doing our best to memorize a litany of dates and what seemed like arcane facts that we quickly forgot? 

This I Believe New England: David's Inferno

Jan 30, 2018
Scott Indermaur

Have you ever encountered moments in life when you weren't sure you had the wherewithal to climb out of bed and face another day?  Moments when you saw no light whatsoever at the end of your tunnel, when you wanted to, well, just give up? 

This I Believe New England: Winter

Jan 23, 2018
Scott Indermaur

Here we are, right smack in the heart of another New England winter. For some, this stretch of months with early sunsets is filled with dread -- frosty temperatures, snow piles to shovel, and ice patches to dodge. But for others of us, this wintry mix is the stuff of pure delight. 

This I Believe New England: Happy Seniors

Jan 16, 2018
Scott Indermaur

Growing older can be complicated.  Some manage to ease into new chapters in their lives with grace and equanimity. Others struggle, perhaps because of ill health, daunting financial challenges, or, perhaps, for more existential reasons having to do with the mysteries and anxieties of mortality.