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With a B.A. in political science and history from the University of Vermont and a wealth of knowledge of local politics, it was a given that Scott MacKay would become a weekly commentator for RIPR on Ocean State politics.  He also sits on the RIPR Political Roundtable.

As a former political reporter for The Providence Journal, MacKay has spent more than thirty years documenting the ins and outs of politics in Rhode Island and New England. MacKay is married to Dr. Staci Fisher, an infectious diseases specialist.

(PROVIDENCE, RI) RIPR Political Commentator Scott MacKay analyzes why the state does not have a functioning Board of Education.

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PROVIDENCE, RI – With a new year comes the inevitable round of Rhode Island political prognosticating. RIPR political analyst Scott MacKay says anybody who says they know what is going to happen probably doesn't.

The past often provides a roadmap to the future. This is the case with Rhode Island political predictions. Every election cycle one candidate or another becomes ```the lock,'' the overwhelming favorite to become the next governor or senator or congressional representative.

PROVIDENCE, RI – After the usual starts and sputtering stops, it looks like the combatants in the state public pension joust will be sitting down to try to forge a compromise on the legal issues that have landed Rhode Island's landmark pension overhaul in court.

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PROVIDENCE, RI – One of the reasons President Obama won a convincing victory was the overwhelming support he got from Latino voters. But Providence Mayor Angel Taveras tells RIPR political analyst Scott MacKay that Republicans have a future with Latino voters.

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PROVIDENCE, RI – Americans love to lampoon our lawmakers. From Mark Twain to Jon Stewart, senators and representatives have been juicy targets for pundits and satirists. What student of history can forget Twain's famous dictum that Congress is the nation's only native criminal class. Or that history, in the immortal words of Karl Marx, repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. What we are witnessing in Washington, D.C. as the days dwindle to the New Year is more Groucho Marx than Karl.

PROVIDENCE, RI – Once again, the holidays in Rhode Island are greeted by pitched battles over the public symbols of Christmas. Why we all can't embrace the true meaning of this season?

For a clue as to why little of consequence gets done at the State House, we bring you to the annual capitol kerfuffle over the lighting of the soaring evergreen tree that marks the arrival of the Christian Advent celebration.

PROVIDENCE, RI – Rhode Island is now the only New England state without marriage equality. RIPR political analyst Scott MacKay says this would change if the business community supports marriage equality.

As gay marriage gains momentum from the Pacific northwest to the shores of Maine, Rhode Island is getting ready for another round of debate at the State House over marriage equality.

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PROVIDENCE, RI – Rhode Island's state pension overhaul faces a Superior Court hearing next month. RIPR political analyst Scott MacKay wonders if its time for the parties to negotiate.

Our state's landmark pension overhaul heads to Superior Court on December 7. Rhode Islanders of a certain age recall that as the day that lives ``in infamy,'' in the immortal words uttered by President Franklin Roosevelt, to a stunned nation in 1941 after the Pearl Harbor attack.

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PROVIDENCE, RI – From the White House to the State House, Republicans were blown out last week. RIPR political analyst Scott MacKay on what's next for the beleaguered Rhode Island GOP.

PROVIDENCE, RI – Tuesday is Election Day, America's grand tribute to democracy. RIPR political analyst Scott MacKay wonders why Rhode Island is so far behind most of the country in promoting voter turnout.

PROVIDENCE, RI – We're down to the wire with Republican Brendan Doherty and Democrat David Cicilline. Rhode Island Public Radio political analyst Scott MacKay parses the nail-biter that is the Rhode Island 1st District congressional campaign.

Voters in the 19 communities that make up Rhode Island's 1st Congressional District are being courted by Republican Doherty and Democrat Cicilline with the ardor of a battleground presidential state.

PROVIDENCE, RI – If ever there was a case study in what ails the Democrats who have run Smith Hill for eons, it is the 38 Studios video game fiasco. It is foolish to even ask what was right about this flawed, indeed desperate, lunge at growing jobs in a state in dire need of them.

PROVIDENCE, RI – Governor Lincoln Chafee is not on the ballot in next month's general elections. And Rhode Island Public Radio's political analyst Scott MacKay tells us why Chafee is lucky that he isn't facing voters.

Scott MacKay's commentary can be heard every Monday morning at 6:35 and 8:35 on Morning Edition. You can also follow his political reporting at the "On Politics" blog at RIPR.ORG.

PROVIDENCE, RI – If Rhode Island was a shelf, it would be collapsing under the weight of all the blue-ribbon commission reports written over the years about our state's foundering economy. Since the infamous Greenhouse Compact of 1984, the wonks, politicians, academics and economic thinkers have cleared entire Canadian provinces of trees to publish white papers and dense reports on how to heal the sickest economy in New England.

PROVIDENCE, RI – Rhode Island voters have twice turned down the chance to bring Las Vegas style casinos in the Ocean State. Things will probably be different this year.