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Scott MacKay Commentary
9:24 am
Mon October 17, 2011

Pension overhaul offers legislators a chance to step-up

a special session to overhaul the troubled pension system offers Smith Hill a chance at redemption.
Photo by James Wyman

PROVIDENCE, RI – The General Assembly has not helped its image much lately. But Rhode Island's pension mess has given the Smith Hill crowd a chance at redemption, says RIPR political analyst Scott MacKay.

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Scott MacKay Commentary
7:10 am
Mon October 3, 2011

Don't write off Representative David Cicilline

Don't write off Rep. David Cicilline just yet.
Photo by Ian Donnis.

PROVIDENCE, RI – A year is a lifetime in politics these days, but there is little doubt that Cicilline's reelection has drawn the most interest so far. A flock of credible candidates are lining up to challenge the freshman Democrat and he is out meeting and greeting as if the vote was taking place next month rather than next year.

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Scott MacKay Commentary
7:13 am
Mon September 26, 2011

The "clunker tax" and state house pols


Protestors waving anti-car tax signs gathered outside Providence City Hall recently to criticize the tax increases proposed by Mayor Angel Taveras and the city council. And more than 200 people showed up at last week's Warwick City Council meeting to fire away at Mayor Scott Avedisian's plan to increase car taxes to pay for city services.

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Scott MacKay Commentary
7:25 am
Mon September 19, 2011

Approve the RI Dream Act

PROVIDENCE, RI – One of the storm clouds gathering over Rhode Island's economic future is our poorly educated work force. Our state ranks near the bottom of New England in the number of college educated workers that employers need for the jobs of a new century.

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Scott MacKay Commentary
7:15 am
Mon July 18, 2011

Strange bedfellows: Solomon and Taveras

PROVIDENCE, RI – The clich is that politics makes strange bedfellows. WRNI political analyst Scott MacKay brings us the odd couple that is working together to fix the Providence financial mess.

Shortly after Angel Taveras was elected Providence mayor, City Council President Mike Solomon brought Taveras some bad news; the city's finances were in shambles, worse than they had been depicted by former Mayor David Cicilline.

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Scott MacKay Commentary
8:35 am
Mon July 11, 2011

Voted ID law hurts the "cradle of democracy"

PROVIDENCE, RI – Rhode Island's General Assembly has enacted legislation requiring all voters to get photo identification. WRNI political analyst Scott MacKay wonders why our recession-racked state is spending taxpayer dollars on this one.

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Scott MacKay Commentary
6:13 am
Mon July 4, 2011

A civil step to marriage equality

PROVIDENCE, RI – On Independence Day, Rhode Islanders can celebrate our state's embrace of a first step towards full marriage equality for our gay citizens.

After a tortuous debate, the Rhode Island General Assembly has finally approved legislation that grants our gay citizens the right to civil unions.

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Scott MacKay Commentary
6:23 am
Mon June 27, 2011

RI should approve Miller bill on pot decriminalization

PROVIDENCE, RI – It's been 40 years since President Richard Nixon declared a national war on drugs. WRNI political analyst Scott MacKay wonders if the marijuana skirmish in this battle is still worth fighting in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island is once again out of synch with our New England neighbors on an important social policy: the way our criminal laws treat users of small amounts of marijuana.

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Scott MacKay Commentary
7:34 am
Mon June 20, 2011

Can RI pols fix the pension problem?

RI Pensions: \"Failure is not an option. This problem has festered for too long and the day of reckoning is long past.\"

PROVIDENCE, RI – Rhode Island's looming pension insolvency threatens the state's future. WRNI political analyst Scott MacKay says the pension issue begs an even bigger question: Can state government solve the really big problems?

It has been 20 years since Rhode Island's political elite faced a situation as daunting as the current need to rework the public employee state pension systems.

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Scott MacKay Commentary
6:15 am
Mon June 13, 2011

Reinstate the historic preservation tax credit

PROVIDENCE, RI – One of Rhode Island's greatest assets is the respect we have for our storied past. WRNI political analyst Scott MacKay says the General Assembly can nurture our state's historic architecture and generate jobs.

The talk at the State House these days is gloomy. State government is broke, public pension liabilities threaten our economic future and unemployment is still hovers in double digits.

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