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Scott MacKay Commentary
8:49 am
Mon May 23, 2011

The biggest little state of profusion


Rhode Island is the smallest state in the union, a watery sliver of southeastern New England hardly big enough to qualify as a county in most of America.

But when it comes to government and quasi-government agencies our state is the biggest little state of profusion.

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Scott MacKay Commentary
8:51 am
Mon May 16, 2011

How to save a million taxpayer dollars

PROVIDENCE, RI – In this time of recession and state and municipal budget red ink, one would think the politicians would be looking at every dollar of spending. WRNI's Scott MacKay suggests a painless way to save taxpayers a $1 million a year.

House Speaker Gordon Fox said it best three weeks ago when he opposed Governor Chafee's plan for extending sales taxes to some items that are now tax-free.

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Scott MacKay Commentary
1:15 pm
Mon May 2, 2011

One Square Mile: Woonsocket Heritage

PROVIDENCE, RI – Listen to the latest commentary from Scott MacKay. This week, he looks at the French-Canadian heritage of Woonsocket.

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Scott MacKay Commentary
9:33 am
Sun April 17, 2011

How many pensions does Rhode Island have?

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Rhode Island is a tiny speck of a state, not big enough to be a county in most of America. We have 39 cities and towns. And about 150 public employee pension systems. Yes you heard that right. We say about, because state general treasurer Gina Raimondo, says there are so many of these pension systems in our state that she isn't sure of the precise number.

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Scott MacKay Commentary
4:55 am
Mon March 28, 2011

R.I. floods one year later

Providence, RI – This week marks one year since the devastating March floods of 2010. WRNI looks back at last spring's floods in a week-long series of reports. Scott MacKay kicks off our coverage with this essay.

It is fashionable in some political circles to blame the federal government for all of our nation's ills. But there are times when there is nothing like a strong national government.

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