Click the LISTEN LIVE button at the top-left of every page to launch our webcast in the SG Player window.


If your normal method of playing our webcast is acting weird for you in any way, try clicking the below links first:



These links MAY work fine by simply clicking them in your web browser.  But they may not - it depends entirely on the setup of your browser on your computer.   Instead, you may need to play them in some form of streaming player software, like iTunes, Windows Media Player, Quicktime or Winamp.  

Download iTunes if you don't already have it.  Once installed and opened, click Advanced > Open Stream  (or press CTRL + U).   Copy and paste one of the above Alt. Streaming URL's into the field and click OK.   After a few seconds of buffering (maybe a minute or two) the stream should start playing.

Windows Media Player
Download WMP if you don't already have it.   Or if you have a Mac, get WMP Components for Quicktime.   Open the program.  Press CTRL + U to get the Open URL window.  Copy and paste one of the above Alt. Streaming URL's into the field and click OK.   After a few seconds of buffering (maybe a minute or two) the stream should start playing.

Download Quicktime if you don't already have it.   Open the program.  Click File > Open URL  (or press CTRL + U) to get the Open URL window.  Copy and paste one of the above Alt. Streaming URL's into the field and click OK.   After a few seconds of buffering (maybe a minute or two) the stream should start playing.

We can provide limited technical support for our listeners if needed.  Here are some of the more common issues and solutions we've found.  

"Listening in iTunes" vs "iTunesRadio"
Among many things, iTunes can just simply play streaming audio. 

For example, clicking the above link for "Listen to RIPR in iTunes" will open our alternate stream link for Streamguys (see below).  If you have iTunes installed on your computer, when you click the link, your browser will automatically open the stream in iTunes for you.  Very convenient!

However, this entirely depends on how your web browser is set up to handle m3u files.  These are media playlist files that iTunes, among other programs, uses.   Not everyone's browsers are set up to open m3u files in iTunes; some browsers may open it in Windows Media Player, or Quicktime, or something else.  The easiest way to ensure it opens in iTunes specifically is to reinstall iTunes and, when asked, tell it to associate iTunes file types with iTunes.  That'll link m3u to iTunes for your browsers.   Or you can manually re-associate M3U file types within the browser's settings.

Alternatively, you can try this freeware program "M3u2iTunes".  (please note, we cannot support third-party software - use at your own risk!)

Direct iTunes Streaming: Or, you open iTunes, press CTRL+U (CMD+U in Macs) and type in and press enter.  The stream will start playing after a few seconds of buffering.

iTunesRadio is a specific service available in newer versions of the iTunes software.  In iTunes, along the center top (in Windows ver. there's a button that says RADIO.  Click it, then click the big PLUS sign to add your own station.  Search on "RIPR" and "NPR News - RIPR Rhode Island" will appear.  Click it to add RIPR to your "My Stations".  Simply click the RINPR logo to start the webcast at any time after that.

Wi-Fi Radios

Many wifi radios get their "listings" via an online database from Reciva. A lot of the first generation models only have the original, older, database available to them, and the links have changed over the years.  We have attempted to keep the Reciva database as updated as we can: search on "WRNI", or "RIPR", or "Rhode Island Public Radio".  One of those terms should bring up our webcast.  If not, unfortunately your wifi radio just might not be able to get our stream.

If your wifi radio lets you "directly enter" (e.g. type in) a URL for the radio to play, try the Streamguys URL:
(you can also try this shortened version: )

iPads, iPhones and Android/Droid Smartphones

iPhones: we have a free RIPR iPhone Streaming app - the first of its kind for NPR stations!  Want more info about the iPhone app?  Check out here:

Droids: The built-in music player in most Android phones will play our stream, but it can be awkward to make it work - try just tapping the "Alternative Webcast - Streamguys" link and see if it opens in the Music Player app.   If not, get the TuneIN app from the Google Play Store.   Search within the app for "RIPR."

Remember that you're listening via a wireless internet connection, and changing signal conditions will impact your data connection, so if you are moving around, it can impact the stream.

SONOS Home Wifi "Radios"

If FM radio reception is exceptionally problematic for you, you can try getting a "wifi radio."   This is a special device designed to connect to internet webcast streams using your home internet (usually wifi) connection.   There are lots of makes and models out there, although one that some listeners have recommended to us are the Sonos Wireless Wifi Systems, such as the PLAY:3 (designed to be a standalone device) or the CONNECT (designed to work with your existing home stereo).    Their systems work on the TuneIn platform, which RIPR is listed with (search on "RIPR").   Or you can manually enter a webcast using the instructions Sonos provides.   The URL's you'll need are listed above on this page, under "Alternative Streaming Methods."  Either URL should work - try both!

Please note that RIPR cannot provide support for Sonos's products (or for any wifi radio).   And we have no direct experience with Sonos systems, only secondhand reviews, so we cannot directly vouch for them - only suggest them as a possible alternative.

Adobe Flash Problems

It's not uncommon for a Flash update to actually cause problems.  But it's also not uncommon for an update to fix problems, either.  Flash isn't always the greatest software, but it's generally pretty convenient for a lot of people.   Usually the problems come when an update doesn't "play nice" with a particular web browser.   So the first thing to try is to load this page in a different browser and see if that helps.   Here are some download links to other browsers if you need them:

    Mozilla Firefox
    Google Chrome
    Microsoft Internet Explorer  (Windows only)
    Apple Safari

Make sure to check the system requirements for each browser before downloading!   After downloading and installing a brower, you may need to download Adobe Flash again to install the latest version into the new browser.

Sound Card Problems

If you can literally see the player doing something...a timer is counting up, there's lever meters moving, etc...but you can't hear any sound, then you have something wrong (generically speaking) with your sound card.  First, check the basics:

Are the speakers turned on, plugged into the right jack, and turned up?
Sorry, had to ask just to be sure.   Hey, wouldn't it be great if it were that simple a fix?  :-)

Have you tried rebooting?
I swear I'm not trying to insult anyone here!  Seriously, with both Macs and Windows, sometimes a reboot can clear up all kinds of odd problems.  Especially on older computers.   Make sure you're actually performing a reboot within the software, and not just turning the power off on a power strip (or something similar) while the computer is still running; simply killing the power can actually cause all kinds of problems over time as computers need to properly write information to an internal database as part of the "shutting down" procedure.

Is the sound turned up in your software/operating system?
In Macs there's usually keys on the keyboard to turn the system sound up and down, so that's easy to check.

In Windows it depends on which version of Windows (XP, Vista, Win7) but there's usually a sound icon by the clock in the lower right corner of the screen.  If not, try clicking START > Control Panel > Sound.   You can adjust various sound faders in there, and select which fader is active as well.   Sometimes you'll find your main sound output has been muted or lowered by another program by mistake.

Update the sound card drivers
For Windows, maybe you need to update your sound card drivers.  Windows Update sometimes can help with this.  Other times you need to look up what sound card your computer uses, go to the manufacturer's website, download drivers for that model, and install them.

Macs don't usually need driver updating, but you can attempt a Software Update if you want.  Especially if you haven't done a Software Update in a long time (more than 1 year).  Or perhaps take it to your local Genius Bar.

Still Need Help?
As mentioned, RIPR can provide limited technical support.   We can't really diagnose a computer problem for you as we don't have the staff to handle requests - considering the thousands of listeners we have, we'd just be answering computer questions all day instead of bringing you NPR news!  :-)  

Still, you can contact us and ask and if there's anything we can do, we'll try.   Make sure to tell us the following:

    What's your operating system?  Mac OSX?  Windows XP?  Windows 7?  Something else?

    What web browser are you using?  Firefox?  Internet Explorer?  Chrome?  Safari?  Something else?

    Try and include the browser version if you can, usually found under Help > About.

    Let us know what troubleshooting steps you've already taken.

Thanks for listening to Rhode Island Public Radio!