Dutch elm

Flo Jonic / RIPR

A historic tree on the grounds of the John Brown House in Providence was cut down Monday.  

Early in the morning a tree crew armed with a chain saw lopped off the top third of the 108-year-old elm. A crane carefully lowered the piece to the ground.  The American elm on the grounds of the John Brown House fell victim to a fatal canker, according to Rhode Island Historical Society grounds keeper Ed Desjarlais.

John Brown House's beloved elm spared, for now

Jan 22, 2013
Rhode Island Historical Society

A beloved, ailing Dutch Elm on the John Brown House Museum grounds has received a last minute pardon from city forester Doug Still. Rhode Island Historical Society executive director Morgan Grefe says Still has ordered some additional tests that may confirm the tree is not suffering from Dutch Elm disease.

“Doug had been out several times to look at the elm and, while he recognizes that it is not well, he is hopeful that it is not Dutch Elm disease," says Grefe.

Historic elm felled by disease

Jan 3, 2013

(PROVIDENCE, RI) The Rhode Island Historical Society says Dutch Elm disease has killed one of the American Elms on the property of the John Brown estate.  The more than 30-foot tree was planted in 1905. It will be cut down later this month before the larvae that spread the disease hatch. In the spring, the remaining 12 elms and other species on the Providence site will be treated against the disease.