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Future Docs
6:59 am
Wed November 28, 2012

Future Docs 4: Thinking Specialties, Gaining Real Experiences

Sarah Rapoport in the Brown University medical education building lobby.
Photo by: Kristin Gourlay

Sarah Rapoport is a second year student at Brown University's medical school. She's 24, a New Yorker, and already an accomplished scientist. When we last checked in with her, she was waiting for her cardiology exam results and had just started doing shifts in an emergency department. She did great. Now, she's thinking about her future.

"It's constantly a conversation in the back of my head," she says.

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Future Docs
5:43 pm
Tue October 16, 2012

Future Docs 2: Rethinking Med School

Dr. Phil Gruppuso
Photo by Brown University

There's more on our future docs series, including a brief history of medical education in the U.S.here.

Dr. Phil Gruppuso started out as a pediatrician. He says that when he entered med school in the 1970s, his path looked really clear.

"It was pretty simple for me. I was able to complete medical school knowing that I would become a licensed physician and would practice medicine in a system that was not very different than the one I'd grown up in. And that was really true until about five to 10 years ago."

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