Michael Riley

Michael Riley, the investment manager who ran a losing Republican campaign last year against Congressman Jim Langevin, was arrested in Narragansett early Wednesday and charge with resisting arrest, operating under the influence of alcohol, and refusing to take a chemical test.

Congressman Jim Langevin doesn’t think Washinton’s prevailing hyper-partisanship will keep Congress from reaching a deal to avoid budget sequestration.

During a taping of RIPR’s Political Roundtable (set to air Friday at 5:40 and 7:40 am), Langevin predicts that President Obama will win re-election. He went on to say.

Second District Democratic Congressman Jim Langevin is up with his first TV commercial against Republican challanger Michael Riley. It uses Riley’s self-description as a Wall Street-type and links him with Mitt Romney.

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Abel Collins, the independent candidate vying with Democrat Jim Langevin and Republican Michael Riley in the second congressional district, says it’s unlikely he could tip the race tow

We offered highlights this morning from the new Brown poll. Here’s some additional analysis:

Abel Collins, the independent candidate in CD2, plans to deliver a petition with more than 1100 signatures protesting his exclusion this evening from a televised debate on Fox Providence. (UPDATE: I should have noted in my initial post that the debate was set to be taped this morning,)

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Michael Riley, the Republican challenging Congressman Jim Langevin in CD2, says he’ll be a one-and-done congressional candidate if he doesn’t win in November.

Speaking during a taping today of RIPR’s Political Roundtable, Riley was asked if he’ll run again if his bid to unseat Langevin comes up short. His response:

“No, absolutely not. The reason I’m running now is because of the fragile nature of the [US] economy.”

Congressman Jim Langevin’s campaign manager, Seth Klaiman, has released a statement in response to an ad blitz criticizing Langevin’s record by GOP opponent Michael Riley. The response takes a page from David Cicilline’s campaign, linking Riley with congressional Republicans.

Michael Riley, the GOP candidate in the Second Congressional District, isn’t wasting time in going after Democrat Jim Langevin. Riley’s campaign says it has launched a six-figure buy on TV and radio, including the TV commercial above.

Here’s some of the commentary from Riley’s news release:

Republican Michael Riley, who’s challenging Democratic Congressman Jim Langevin, makes clear his dislike for tax increases. But he says he’s declined to sign Grover Norquist’s famous anti-tax hike pledge.