Ocean State Water Authority

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If there is one government service most Rhode Islanders take for granted, it’s the drinking water that flows from our faucets. RIPR political analyst  Scott MacKay says that may not be the case in the future.

One of Rhode Island’s grand assets is the millions of gallons of water that flows every day from the Scituate Reservoir to the sinks, bubblers and bathtubs that serve 60 percent of our state. In a state with a serious inferiority complex about so much, our water is the boast of a small state.

The Providence Water Supply Board is looking to raise its rates. There’s a public hearing at the state Public Utility Commission Wednesday on a proposal to raise residential rates by 24 percent and wholesale rates by 32 percent. Because 60 percent of the state gets its water from Providence, the rate hike will be felt across much of Rhode Island. Joining morning host Chuck Hinman in the studio with more is Rhode Island Public Radio news director Catherine Welch.

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