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9:49 am
Wed May 8, 2013

Ahlquist to Receive Award at Playboy Mansion

The Rhode Island student who successfully challenged a prayer banner in Cranston public schools is getting an award from Hugh Hefner.

Jessica Ahlquist will receive a Hugh Hefner First Amendment Award at the playboy mansion in Beverly Hills. Ahlquist writes on her Facebook page that she is honored to be chosen but adds she is not expecting to meet Hugh Hefner in person. She says his daughter Christie Hefner will attend the ceremony, where Ahlquist will receive a plaque and $5,000.

8:11 am
Mon February 18, 2013

Prayer banner still in storage

Cranston West High School
Credit Elisabeth Harrison

It’s been about a year since a controversial prayer banner was removed from the auditorium of Cranston West high school.   The removal was prompted by a federal court order, which found the banner infringed on the constitutional separation of church and state.  We wondered what ever happened to that banner and asked Flo Jonic to look into it.

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RI News
4:45 pm
Thu January 31, 2013

Atheist group sues Cranston florist over denied flower delivery

An atheist group out of Wisconsin is suing a Cranston florist for refusing to deliver flowers to Jessica Ahlquist. The flowers were to congratulate the Cranston West High School student for winning a lawsuit that removed a prayer banner from the school’s auditorium.

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