2014 governer's race

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1:50 pm
Thu August 9, 2012

Don’t overstate the importance of money in a Raimondo-Taveras gubernatorial showdown in 2014

State Treasurer Gina Raimondo’s impressive fundraising prowess will be among her assets if — as many expect – she runs for governor in 2014. Providence Mayor Angel Taveras, another prospective contender for the post,lagged behind Raimondo ($258,155) in Q2 even though he had solid numbers ($114,810).

But money isn’t everything in some contests, and there’s no guarantee the candidate with the biggest war chest will win the next gubernatorial election.

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On Politics
3:42 pm
Wed August 1, 2012

Raimondo moves toward 2014 with big 2Q; Taveras no slouch

Although state Treasurer Gina Raimondo predictably downplayed talk during a recent interview about a possible run for governor in 2014, her fundraising machine just keeps humming along.

The former venture capitalist raised an impressive $258,155 during the quarter that ended June 30, leaving her with a $857,903 war chest.

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On Politics
1:53 pm
Tue July 24, 2012

Taveras: “It’s a question of how you resolve your differences”

Providence Mayor Angel Taveras is understandably downplaying dissension on the City Council, and he denies that he’s losing support among the majority of councilors who’ve backed him since he took office.

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