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The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority is launching its first ever Bike to Work Week Monday to encourage greener commuting. 

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Work is underway on a new stretch of bike path in Providence. The project will create an off-road path from India Point Park, north towards Pawtucket. The path is just three-quarters of a mile, but State Department of Transportation Chief Operating Officer Peter Garino says it will connect two major bike paths.

“It may not be a long segment, but it really is a critical segment,” said Garino. “We’re looking at something that really connects both the Blackstone and East Bay Bike path and makes one path out of them. It’s the missing link between the two paths.”

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Students in Newport will learn tips during the new school year on how to stay out of harm’s way when they walk and bike to school.

Providence rolled out a new bike plan for the capital city.

Bike Providence is an extensive, proposed plan to create safer, more accessible bike routes throughout the city. Providence already has some bike lanes, and shared roads for cyclists; and so much of the new plan proposes connecting them to create a more cohesive system.

"Cyclovia" Event Lets Bikers Hit the Streets

Jul 1, 2013
Flo Jonic / RIPR

A section of Broad Street in Providence was closed to traffic Sunday for the second annual Cyclovia, an event aimed at promoting physical activity among city residents.

The city of Providence hosted the first of three so-called “Cyclovia”  events Sunday.  A quarter mile of Broad Street was closed to car traffic, leaving the broad avenue free for bicycling, walking, skating, running or just plain socializing.

The event is sponsored by the city of Providence, according to organizer Ellen Cynar .