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Children In Crisis: Documents, Data, And Resources

Aug 13, 2015
Kristin Gourlay / RIPR

Want to take a deeper dive into Rhode Island's child welfare system? Here's a selection of reports and documents about the Department of Children, Youth, and Families, plus links to resources for anyone interested in getting involved or learning more.

Home Visiting Program Aims To Prevent Child Abuse

Aug 6, 2014

The state health department has announced more funding for a home visiting program for families and children at risk. The Healthy Families America program aims to prevent child maltreatment before it starts.                                                        

A reported surge in the number of children removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect is raising concern across the state.  Addiction is a major cause.

Chris Dorval manages programs at an addiction treatment facility called Clinical Services of Rhode Island. Dorval says that over the past couple of years, he’s treated a growing number of clients whose children have been removed from their homes. But Dorval said he thinks there’s more to it than just the increasing number of people addicted to opioids like heroin and prescription painkillers.

Neglect And The Developing Brain

Jul 21, 2014

For babies, healthy brain development is like a tennis game. A caregiver "serves" up an interaction, like a facial expression, a coo, or a word, and the infant "returns" that serve, imitating the expression or sound.