Gordon Fox

Ian Donnis / RIPR

While Rhode Island's new House speaker, Nicholas Mattiello, has vowed to instill a new focus on jobs and the economy, he's avoiding specifics for now on precise steps to offer improvements, and asserting that the remainder of the 2014 session won't be enough to evaluate his performance in the powerful post.

Ian Donnis / RIPR

House Majority Leader Nicholas Mattiello ascended to the powerful post of House speaker on a 61-6 vote Tuesday, vowing to focus on improving Rhode Island's moribund economy and to work collaboratively with lawmakers of both parties.

UPDATE: Skenyon began working in Mattiello's office today, according to House spokesman Larry Berman.

With rumors dancing through the Statehouse corridors of power, new House Speaker Nick Mattiello, D-Cranston has yet to reveal his leadership team. Which isn’t unusual, considering he wasn’t formally elected speaker until about an hour ago.

When House Majority Leader Nick Mattiello held a caucus at the Providence Marriott Friday evening -- on the same day when state and federal investigators raided House Speaker Gordon Fox's home and Statehouse office -- the race to succeed Fox was up for grabs. Mattiello himself put the number of supporters at his caucus between 25 and 27.


The Rhode Island House of Representatives is expected to cap a dramatic sequence of events unfolding over the last few days by electing a new speaker Tuesday. The change was set in motion last Friday when state and federal authorities raided House Speaker Gordon Fox’s East Side home and Statehouse office. Fox resigned from his leadership position the next day, saying he doesn’t plan to seek re-election to his state rep seat in November.