Latino Public Radio

Latino Public Radio will end its programming at 1290 AM after March 31, becoming an internet-based station, due to budgetary issues at LPR, according to the management of Rhode Island Public Radio.

RIPR, which had a programming agreement with LPR, announced this development in a statement from the public-relations firm Duffy & Shanley. According to the statement, LPR terminated its programming agreement with RIPR.

Elisabeth Harrison / RIPR

Rhode Island Public Radio led the pack at the 29th annual Metcalf Awards for journalistic excellence in reporting matters of diversity in ways that inspire, engage and empower. The awards are organized and presented by Rhode Island for Community & Justice (RIJC).

Sharp-eared listeners may have noticed some announcements this morning on RIPR, having to do with our FCC broadcast licenses.  In fact, listeners to every radio station in Rhode Island, and all of New England, will be hearing similar announcements today.   It’s because every eight years, AM & FM broadcast licenses expire and must be renewed; these announcements are required by the FCC as part of that process.