Lisa Tomasso

The campaigns for the Rhode General Assembly are underway.  RIPR political analyst Scott MacKay on why change comes at a snail’s pace to the Statehouse. (advance copy of commentary set to air on Monday).

While many Ocean State voters are more focused on August vacations than politics, candidates for the legislature are knocking on doors, appearing at coffee hours and pleading for votes at taverns and ethnic clubs.

The September primaries –where the crucial decisions are made – are only about a month away. This was the year Republicans vowed to make inroads on the huge House and Senate Democratic majorities. Yet the way things are turning out, this isn’t going to happen, unless you believe in leaving the lights on for Jimmy Hoffa .

A bill up for review Wednesday at the House Committee on Health, Education and Welfare would create a new position for a secretary of education in the governor's office.

The job would include overseeing and coordinating all of the state's education initiatives, from early learning to higher education.