Louis DiPalma

State Sen. Louis DiPalma (D-Middletown) joins Bonus Q&A to discuss a host of legislative issues, including Governor Raimondo's college tuition proposal; Speaker Mattiello's car tax priority; the use of state subsidies, and much more.

DiPalma: $15/Hour For Developmental Disability Workers

Oct 28, 2016
John Bender / RIPR

Restaurants Must Post Allergen Warnings by July

Mar 25, 2013

Rhode Island restaurants have until July 1st to come into compliance with a new allergen awareness law. The law requires restaurants to post signs about food allergens and include menu notices to remind customers to alert their servers to any food allergies. The law is the direct result of efforts by a Middletown teenager.

Sixteen year old Lauren Mongeau is allergic to a wide variety of foods. Her older sister, Danielle, lists a few of them:

"Red meat, dairy, bananas, sesame seeds and a lot more," Danielle says.