Michael Marcello

State Representative Michael Marcello (D-Scituate) joins Bonus Q+A to talk about his fight for the speakership with Nicholas Mattiello and a host of other issues, including guns, ethics, the budget outlook, and more.

Ian Donnis / RIPR

State Representative Michael Marcello (D-Scituate), who made an unsuccessful challenge for the House speakership last month, joins Political Roundtable to discuss the latest developments in the state pension dispute; fallout from changes at the House; a new Brown University poll; whether public dollars should help revitalize the vacant Superman Building; and more.

Ian Donnis / RIPR

State Representative Michael Marcello (D-Scituate), who lost the battle last month to succeed Gordon Fox as House speaker, says he's unsure if members of the faction that backed him will try to increase their numbers by supporting primary challengers this September.

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The House Oversight Committee will hold its first meeting Thursday since recently getting a new chairwoman.  The new chair has been a sharp critic of paying back bondholders who invested in failed video game company 38 Studios.

After winning his post last month, House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello ousted his rival for the speakership, Michael Marcello, from the chairmanship of House Oversight. He replaced Marcello with Representative Karen MacBeth of Cumberland, who sharply criticized last year’s payment to bondholders in 38 Studios.

The successor to House Speaker Gordon Fox is expected to be elected Tuesday when the House of Representatives meets tomorrow, for the first time since the raid that spelled the end of Fox's 21-year career in the General Assembly. As we've reported, the battle pits House Majority Leader Nicholas Mattiello (D-Cranston) and Representative Michael Marcello (D-Scituate) against one another.