Markham Starr

Connecticut-based photographer Markham Starr has dedicated almost a decade to documenting New England’s fishing industry. His photos, featured in an exhibit at the Fishing Heritage Center in New Bedford, include a type of fishing unique to Rhode Island. 

Narragansett Fishermen Part Of New Photography Exhibit

Nov 28, 2016

The exhibit is now on display at the Fishing Heritage Center in New Bedford. Connecticut-based photographer Markham Starr has dedicated almost a decade to documenting New England’s fishing industry. 

Starr photographed fishermen across New England, and says he took a special interest in the trap fishers of Point Judith in Narragansett.

“It’s an ancient type of fishing,” said Starr. “They’ve been doing it probably 150 years in Rhode Island and other traps like it go back even earlier. But there’s only three practitioners left really because it requires a lot of manpower.”

Tower crane
Aaron Read

UPDATE 03/06/17: AT&T reports they are   FINISHED!  WOOOOOT!!!  :)  No more reduced power days on 102.7FM!

UPDATE 03/03/17: Unfortunately, if not unsurprisingly, AT&T was unable to finish today.  They'll be back on the tower Monday 3/6 at 9am so reduced power on 102.7 again.

UPDATE 03/02/17: AT&T is baaa-aaa-aack! They're doing some work on the ground Thursday afternoon, and then tomorrow...Friday March 3...they'll be back up on the tower.  That means reduced power on 102.7 from mid-morning until early afternoon.  (scroll down to the original post for the details of exactly what that means)

The foreman tells me that the plan is to "swap some equipment on the tower, let it run for an hour or two to let it stabilize, then take the readings" to confirm proper operation.  Assuming it's working right, they take a few pics for documentation and that's it - the whole project is finished.

So hopefully all will go well and then we won't have to do this again for a very long time!

UPDATE 01/02/17:  I don't know exactly where things are with the AT&T Tower Crew.  When last we spoke, before the holidays, they didn't think they'd be able to complete the video documentation and final system checks of the new cellphone antennas/radios in one day.  That was in the morning, and I wasn't able to get back to the site until after dark when they'd already left for the day.   So I'm vaguely assuming there will be another day of reduced power coming up this week.

While annoying to RIPR and you, our Faithful Listeners, I must admit a respect for these folks: they don't mess around on documentation.  They do a LOT of documentation, and that usually makes life a lot easier down the road for any maintenance or upgrades.  I shudder to think how long this job would've taken if they weren't so thorough about it.

UPDATE 12/22/16: perhaps not surprisingly   (it was raining a fair amount in Narragansett today) the tower crew needs to go back up on Friday 12/23 to finish the work.  So reduced power again tomorrow.

UPDATE 12/22/16: The crew is back on the tower today which means reduced power for our 102.7 FM listeners.

UPDATE 12/05/16:  As you may have guessed from looking out the window, the weather is not permitting of tower climbing today.  Forecast looks nice, well, nicer, for Tuesday, so we're expecting climbing and reduced power then.

UPDATE 12/01/16:   Tower crew foreman says no more power reduction this week; they're currently scheduled for December 5 & 6, weather permitting.  

UPDATE 11/28/16: Weather forecast looks lousy for tower work both Tuesday and Wednesday.  That's the good news.  The bad news is the tower crew is finding that the new cellphone equipment is not working the way it should; things aren't "talking" to each other properly.  They need at least another day or two, quite possibly more, to iron out the kinks.  Check here for updates!

UPDATE 11/28/16: We're at reduced power for the day on 102.7FM. 

UPDATE 11/25/16: The tower crew is here this morning, so we'll be on reduced power for the day.  Rain picked up, tower crew had to pack it in.  Back at normal power at 11:50am, but the crew will be back next Monday 11/28.  Likely Tuesday, too.

UPDATE 11/23/16: I'm told the tower crew fell behind schedule on Tuesday and couldn't make it up today, so they're scheduled for more work on Friday 11/25.  Same time (9am-4pm).  

I'm not sure it'll happen; the weather forecast isn't good.  Keep watching the @RINPR twitter feed for updates.

UPDATE 11/21/16: no tower work today; weather forecast is too nasty.  That means no power reduction on 102.7 for Monday.  More likely tomorrow and Wednesday.  

UPDATE 11/18/16 evening: WHEW! Omnia processor is fine. Turns out our backup STL was misconfigured and was positively blaring electronic white noise.  So loud, in fact, that it caused "crosstalk" inside the Henry Engineering AutoSwitch that automatically changes the primary STL (Studio/Transmitter Link) to backup upon silence.  "Crosstalk" means the noise on the inactive backup side was bleeding into the active primary side.  Quite loudly, in fact.

As for the tower work: no word yet on specifics, but we're still expecting they'll need reduced power during the weekday on Monday 11/21 thru Wednesday 11/23.  I'll post updates here and on the @RINPR Twitter feed as I get them.

it appears our Omnia 6exi audio processor has failed.   This might explain why many of you reported hearing so much static today; it wasn't just the reduced transmit power (as we and all our remote telemetry monitoring would've indicated) but instead the audio processor has decided it's going to output a little bit of program audio and a LOT of white noise.

As of 4:30pm, we have bypassed the processor for the analog broadcast of 102.7FM.  We don't have that option for HD Radio listeners, so if you have an HD Radio might hear audio for a few seconds, then it goes silent.  I'll be working on this tonight and/or tomorrow morning to get something in place, even temporarily.

I've already called Omnia Audio and at worst we'll have a loaner unit in place by Tuesday or so.  We might be able to rig something up tonight that'll at least sound decent, even if it's not 100%, and get audio on for both analog and HD Radio listeners.


UPDATE 11/18/16: today the tower crew is hoisting the last of the three antenna arrays using a giant crane.  That'll take most of the day.  

The foreman tells me they're expecting another two, more likely three, days of work to install the remaining antennas onto the new arrays, secure the RF cabling, and finish cleaning up the site.   So probably more work next week (11/21-11/23) but I don't have exact dates/times yet.

MVYradio 96.5 listeners; the device we use to get audio to the transmitter for the backup STL (Studio/Transmitter Link) is a Barix Exstreamer and it has been acting very weird.  It just spontaneously resets the connection once or twice an hour; during a reset it's dead air and it takes 20-30 seconds to rebuffer and get audio playing again.  There are some functions that are not behaving like the manual says they should, so we're not sure if this is a problem with the data connection, or a problem with the device itself.  We are trying to make it more reliable but we're limiting what we experiment with since each change to the Barix forces a reset and, therefore, some dead air.


UPDATE 11/14/16:   no work scheduled for today (Monday) nor Tuesday or Wednesday.  I'm told the tower crew wants to try and finish up on Thursday and Friday.  Updates will be posted here and on our @RINPR Twitter feed.

UPDATE 11/9/16: between setup delays, inclement weather today, and predicted high winds on Friday, the tower crew is behind schedule.  This is unfortunate, but not unsurprising; it's also why we wanted to have a system in place where 102.7 was still on the air, at reduced power, instead of just completely off.

The good news is that we were at normal power throughout election day and through a lot of post-election coverage today.  More good news, we'll be at normal power all day Friday, too, barring a significant shift in the forecast.  And we'll be at normal power over the weekend as well.

The bad news is that we'll probably have to run at reduced power between 9am and 4pm on various days next week (11/14 thru 11/18).  The foreman tells me they usually need one day each to remove an antenna array, and replace it with a new one.  There are three arrays (one for each side of the tower) so after Thursday there'll still be two more days, possibly three...maaaaybe four...on the tower where reduced 102.7 power is necessary.

Keep an eye on the @RINPR Twitter feed (you don't need to be a Twitter user to read it!) for updates as they happen.



Between 9am and 4pm on Nov.8 thru 11th (that's Tuesday through Friday), our 102.7FM signal may be operating at reduced power.  About 300 watts instead of our usual 2000 watts.   Those of you listening "on the fringe" (as the saying goes) of our broadcast area might notice it, but hopefully it won't be too bad.  Our HD Radio will not be functional during this period, either.

This will NOT affect our 88.1FM signal, nor our webcast.  With luck, it will not impact MVYradio's 96.5FM signal (we're trying to rig a temporary audio path).

AT&T Tower Climbers on 102.7 Tower
Aaron Read RIPR

UPDATE 3:15PM: The tower crew needed a few extra minutes to finish up, but they are done and down from the tower...and we are back on the air!


To our South County listeners: 102.7FM may be off the air for periods between 11am and 3pm on Tuesday June 21st to allow AT&T Wireless tower climbers to perform emergency repairs on their equipment.

The state Ethics Commission on Tuesday found probable cause that Don Lally violated the revolving door provisions of the code of ethics when he accepted a state job less than four months after resigning as a state representative in March 2015.

Commission spokesman Jason Gramitt called the finding a preliminary step, since Lally -- barring a settlement -- will face a hearing with the Ethics Commission.

Front and back of SureStreamer

Transmitting audio over the internet is a fact of almost every radio station's life these days, and RIPR is no exception.  In fact, we use it even for mission-critical purposes like getting our main programming audio from our studios to our transmitters in Seekonk (88.1FM/Providence) and South County (102.7FM/Narragansett Pier).  But while audio over the internet is so ubiquitous that everyone takes it for granted, it's important to remember that, strictly speaking, it's a terrible idea and the internet was never designed for it.

That's where nifty devices like the new APT SureStreamer come in.

Susan Greenhalgh / RIPR

Salty Brine Beach in Narragansett has reopened following a blast that occurred over the weekend. The event injured a 60-year beach goer, who has thrown by the blast into a rocky jetty. The woman sustained fractured ribs, and has been released from the hospital.

State police say they’ve found no evidence of a explosive device or gas line. The agency closed the beach Saturday. Along with the state police, the fire marshal and the Department of Environmental Management also took part in investigations.

Voters in Narragansett and South Kingstown will elect a new state representative Tuesday in House District 33. Four candidates are running to succeed former Representative Donald Lally, who left the House earlier this session.

The candidates are Republican Robert Trager; Democrat Carol Hagan McEntee; and independents Elizabeth Candas and Jamie McKnight. Before his departure, Lally was the second-longest serving  rep in the House.

Do you have insight or expertise on this topic? Please email us, we'd like to hear from you.

Ambar Espinoza / RIPR

Rhode Island is losing salt marshes at an alarming rate. Scientists and coastal planners say this is one of the most pressing climate change impacts already facing the Ocean State. Salt marshes are critical fish and wildlife habitats that support the state's fishing and tourism industries.

Ambar Espinoza / RIPR

The Rhode Island coastline was hardest hit with high winds and power outages. That’s why Gov. Gina Raimondo decided to check-in with the town managers of South Kingstown and Narragansett, as Rhode Island Public Radio’s Ambar Espinoza reports.


Rhode Island Public Radio’s Environmental Reporter, Ambar Espinoza will host a public forum and conversation on the changing fisheries in Narragansett Bay.

This forum will be broadcast live on Thursday, October 9, 2014 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Rhode Island Public Radio: 88.1 FM/102.7 FM/91.5 FM and RIPR.ORG.


University of Rhode Island officials are reviewing police records of 20 students involved in a house party gone bad last weekend in Narragansett. URI vice president for student affairs Tom Dougan says police issued citations and made arrests for everything from launching beer bottles to destroying property and underage drinking.

Now, Dougan says the university will consider a range of sanctions in each student’s case.

Narragansett Town Officials React To URI Student Riot

May 8, 2014

Narragansett Town Manager Pamela Nolan says that an off-campus party attended by 800 to 1,000 University of Rhode Island students over the past weekend turned into a riot. Beer bottles were thrown and property was destroyed on Greene Lane where the riot took place. Nolan says that although the town residents were upset over the incident, it was out of the ordinary.

UPDATE 01/21: Multiple letters sent with no response, and the pirate's still broadcasting.  A letter has been mailed to the FCC's Enforcement Bureau.   If you are an RIPR listener to 102.7 and you have experienced interference due to this pirate, you can submit your own letter to the FCC as well.

UPDATE 12/19: The pirate has been found!  Well, we're pretty sure we have found the pirate.  Using a directional antenna and a signal meter, we triangulated the position to a house a few blocks from the Locust Grove Cemetery in South Providence.  

A letter of notification of interference to RIPR was mailed to this address several weeks ago, but apparently this pirate doesn't care as there's still an illegal broadcast on 102.9 from this location.

UPDATE 11/5: Thanks to a fellow engineer who informed me there is a pirate broadcasting on 102.9FM and that is likely the source of the interference people have reported (see below).  Quite possibly the atmospheric changes made it worse, but the bulk of the problem is likely the pirate.

Courtesy URI

The University of Rhode Island will unveil its new work-out center this week. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held this week on the new Anna Fascitelli Fitness and Wellness Center.

It’s located in the former Roger Williams dining hall, which has undergone an eleven-million dollar renovation. It’s a 33-thousand square foot facility with state-of-the-art cardio equipment and weight lifting equipment.

Thomas Dougan, the university’s vice president for student affairs, said it replaces Mackal Field House, a much smaller facility that the school had long outgrown.