New England Revolution

Rebels And Redcoats Set To Storm Sturbridge Village

Jul 31, 2015
John Collins / Old Sturbridge Village

The Revolutionary War returns to New England soil this weekend in Massachusetts. The annual reenactment known as Redcoats and Rebels is thought to be the largest war reenactment in the country.

Event Coordinator Jim O’Brien says it features more than 1,000 soldiers in full period costume.

“You forget about today,” said O’Brien. “You really forget who you are. For that moment, you are back in the 18th century. It really is just a unique experience that has immediate gratification.”

Kevin Alston, a soccer player with the New England Revolution has taken an indefinite leave of absence after being diagnosed with leukemia.

The 24 year old was picked up by the Revolution in 2009, and has started all 116 games he’s played in.

The team says Alston’s condition is treatable, and he will not be hospitalized.  He expects to return to the team.