One Square Mile: West Warwick

West Warwick, R.I. – Hear the hour long One Square Mile: West Warwick program here.

West Warwick, R.I. – Ferrucci's New York System is one of the bright spots in West Warwick's downtown business section in the village of Arctic. Locals gather here for breakfast - as well burgers, fries, wraps and seafood rolls. But this local eatery is best known for something else.

"Ah, weenies," says Michael Ferrucci, of Ferrucci's New York System.

Providence, R.I. – As part of our One Square Miles series this week, this Political Roundtable's focus is West Warwick, as well as immigration reform, the boycott of the Westin Hotel and tax reform.

West Warwick, R.I. – House Speaker William Murphy, one in a long line of West Warwick politicians to reach a leadership role at the Rhode Island State House. WRNI's Scott MacKay met with Murphy for a tour of the town, and prepared this report.

West Warwick, R.I. – Michael Pinga grew up working in the family business, Westcott Baking Company, in West Warwick. So he's very familiar with the details of commercial bread baking.

"We refrigerate some of the dough, the product, at night, and then we bake it off this afternoon," Pinga says. "That's Italian bread, French bread, all different kinds of rolls, and this is our big walk-in freezer. We keep some product on hand in case customers forget to order."

West Warwick, R.I. – Thomas Jefferson was in the final year of his presidency when Christopher and Charles Lippitt built a textile mill on the banks of the Pawtuxet River in what was then Warwick. The 1808 wood frame building is not only still standing, it's still in the textile business under the name Riverpointe Lace.

Peter Palmisciano and his partner, John Ponte, bought it in a bankruptcy auction two years ago for $300,000.

West Warwick, R.I. – Walk down the main hall of Deering Middle school in West Warwick, take a right, and you'll find the health hut.

Sherrie Berger, the health assistant, stands in the waiting room with a sick student. The nurse practitioner here has already diagnosed him with strep throat. Now he needs to pick up his medication and get better.

And he won't be missing school for long.

West Warwick, R.I. – West Warwick's Main Street shows no sign of the intense floods that swept through Rhode Island earlier this spring. But many of the town's small businesses paid a high price for flood-related damage. And some business people question whether the federal government has done enough to help them recover.

West Warwick, R.I. – The West Warwick Civic Center is many things- a sports arena, a temporary flood shelter, and for the past year, an increasingly popular flea market. Every weekend, thousands of people from around the state come to buy everything from jewelry to deodorant. WRNI's Megan Hall checked out the West Warwick flea market and produced this audio postcard.

West Warwick, R.I. – Robert Quinn, a son of West Warwick, was an architect of the most momentous Rhode Island political upheaval of the 20th century.

West Warwick, R.I. – Ida Lancelotta probably knows West Warwick better than anyone alive. She was born here 100 years ago - in 1910 - and now lives at the Westview Health Center, an assisted living facility in town.

"I was happy at home," Lancelotta says. "I mean, they made it happy for you. My mother used to make macaroni. She sued to make everything home made, a garden. We had everything we wanted."