One Square Mile: Woonsocket

PROVIDENCE, RI – If you can't afford to see a private doctor in Woonsocket, you probably go to Thundermist Health Center.

Residents can use Medicaid or pay on a sliding scale for everything from check-ups to pre-natal care.

As part of our One Square Mile: Woonsocket, WRNI's Megan Hall sat down with Chuck Jones, the executive director of Thundermist's Woonsocket Health Center to learn more about the needs of the community.

A mural on a downtown building welcomes visitors. Photo by: Bradley Campbell.

PROVIDENCE, RI – As you drive into Woonsocket a sign welcomes you to a "city on the move". But a more accurate description may be a city in search of an identity.

Once the home of more than 100 bustling textile mills, Woonsocket is today a city notable for empty store fronts and mill buildings.

Its population has been falling steadily since 1950. Back then the city boasted 50,000 residents. Today it has about 41,000.


St. Ann Arts and Cultural Center is known in and around Woonsocket as the "jewel of the east."

The former Catholic church is home to North America's largest collection of fresco paintings. The church closed in 2000, due to financial troubles and dwindling attendance. But community members came together to save the artwork. They consider a part of their history.