8:25 am
Thu July 7, 2011

Civil unions receive tepid interest in first days

PROVIDENCE, RI – It's been five days since Governor Lincoln Chafee signed a law making civil unions legal in Rhode Island, but as of Wednesday morning only three people had requested civil union license applications statewide.The interested parties were in Burrillville, Smithfield and Newport.

The lack of interest stands in stark contrast to the experience of Vermont which in 2000 became the first state in the nation to allow any type of same sex unions.

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6:23 am
Tue July 5, 2011

Chafee: looking at giving Central Falls a manager

Central Falls could get a new receiver.
Photo by: Ryan Conaty

PROVIDENCE, RI – Governor Lincoln Chafee says a cash infusion wasn't put into the state budget is because lawmakers thought the receiver's office wasn't moving fast enough.

Three different receivers have been running Central Falls for a little more than a year. The current one, Robert Flanders, begged the state for a nearly $7 million cash infusion to help fill budget gaps, which the state refused.

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4:45 pm
Tue June 7, 2011

Providence firefighters union says they understand the city's broke

Providence City Hall, where Mayor Angel Taveras first announced the city's financial woes back in March.

PROVIDENCE, RI – The Providence firefighters union says it will sit down with the city Wednesday to continue negotiations. The city is looking for a 10 percent cut from the fire department. And if a deal isn't reached by Friday, the city says it will start looking to let go of 92 firefighters.

Paul Doughty, President of the Providence firefighters union, says firefighters want to do their part but they also want the city to factor in recent negotiations that saved Providence more than $2 million.

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7:04 am
Wed June 1, 2011

Is Twin River the answer to the pension crisis?

PROVIDENCE, RI – Although the state doesn't own Twin River, it gets 60 percent of the money gambled there - about 270 million dollars each year.

Robert Walsh of the National Education Association Rhode Island says that revenue stream could be sold to a private bidder for billions of dollars.

Under Walsh's concept, those billions would be applied to the state's estimated seven billion to nine billion dollars in unfunded pension liability.

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11:38 am
Fri May 13, 2011

Top Providence Dems non-committal on Cicilline

Providence, RI – Providence's top two Democrats are non-committal about whether they'll back the reelection next year of Congressman David Cicilline.

In separate interviews, Mayor Angel Taveras and City Council President Michael Solomon say they remain undecided about backing Cicilline.

Taveras says he usually supports fellow Democrats, but has also backed Cranston Mayor Allan Fung, a Republican. When asked about the possibility of Cicilline winning another term in office, Taveras said the elections are too far off.

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10:15 am
Fri May 13, 2011

Doherty announces run for Congress

Brendan Doherty launches his campaign.
Photo by: Ian Donnis

Providence, RI – More than 200 people were on hand yesterday, when former State Police Superintendent Brendan Doherty launched his campaign for the Congressional seat held by Democrat David Cicilline.

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9:52 am
Wed April 27, 2011

Same-sex marriage bill dead says House Speaker

PROVIDENCE, RI – Rhode Island House Speaker Gordon Fox says same-sex marriage legislation is dead for the year.

Fox, who is openly gay and a strong backer of same-sex marriage, says there is insuperable opposition in the Senate. He's sponsoring civil union legislation instead.

Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed, a powerful opponent of gay marriage legislation, says she will support the civil union bill and predicts it will pass.

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5:55 pm
Tue April 26, 2011

Rep. Watson: I was not under the influence

Photo by: Ian Donnis.

PROVIDENCE, RI – House Minority Leader Robert Watson is disputing the account offered by East Haven, Connecticut, police of his arrest last Friday.

During a speech on the House floor, Watson accused the police of orchestrating his arrest after realizing he was a state representative. Police say Watson smelled of marijuana and had trouble with field sobriety tests.

Watson says he did not smoke marijuana that day and was not under the influence.

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2:29 pm
Mon April 25, 2011

House minority leader denies driving while under the influence

Rhode Island House Minority Leader Robert Watson.
Credit: East Haven Police Department.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – House minority leader Robert Watson says he "vehemently" denies driving under the influence last Friday night in Connecticut. Watson was arrested at a DWI checkpoint in East Haven, Connecticut.

Watson was arrested at 10 pm Friday at a DWI checkpoint where all motorists were stopped. According to an East Haven, Connecticut police report, Watson smelled of alcohol and admitted to drinking two-and-a-half beers at a friend's house.

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11:41 am
Fri April 22, 2011


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