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Catherine Welch / RIPR

With the rising temperatures comes a spike in crime across the capital city. In a series we’re calling Hot City: Crime in Providence we’re taking a look at summer crime by focusing the month of July. Last year the area encompassing Smith Hill, Elmhurst and the North End saw the highest number of crimes. Rhode Island Public Radio’s Catherine Welch visits a street in that area where a dozen crimes happened in one month.

Catherine Welch / RIPR

Two suspects have been charged in the murder of a 12-year-old Providence girl. Police say 21-year-old Branden Castro and 20-year-old Ricardo Vasquez have been charged with murder, conspiracy to murder and other felony charges.

12-year-old Aynis Vargas was shot and killed at a party last month in the Hartford Avenue housing development. Three women were also injured.

A state medical examiner is expected to determine Wednesday whether a body found in Providence off of India Point is that of missing Brown student Sunil Tripathi.

Providence Police Chief Hugh Clements tells RIPR that police suspect the body found Tuesday may be that of Tripathi.

Tripathi has been missing since he left his apartment in mid-March.

His family has made an energetic effort to find him through social media and other approaches.

Police Say Suspicious Package Contained a Computer

Apr 16, 2013
Bradley Campbell

Providence Police responded this afternoon to a suspicious package found next to the Omni Hotel in downtown. The package was found on the sidewalk. Police quickly blocked off streets to the area. But Police Commissioner Steven Pare says the package contained a computer and nothing more. Pare said the entire force is on high alert after the explosions at the Boston Marathon.

Providence Police fire a 15-year veteran

Feb 1, 2013

The Providence Police Department has fired an officer who admitted having sex with the victim
of a domestic violence dispute.  The city is moving to strip him of his pension.

On May 8, 2012 Providence police officer Khatchig Kazandjian had sexual relations with a woman who had been involved in a fight with her boyfriend.   The woman reported it as a sexual assault the following day and Kazandjian was placed on paid administrative leave.