Rhode Island and the Civil War

RI Kicks-Off Black History Month With Exhibit

Feb 7, 2017

Sec. of State Nellie Gorbea and Gov. Gina Raimondo kicked-off the Ocean State’s celebration of Black History Month Monday afternoon. The state leaders hosted the opening of the exhibit Bullets and Bulletins: African American Activism in Civil War Era Rhode Island at the State Archives.

Hearthside House in Lincoln Prepares for Battle

Sep 13, 2013

Friday is the first day of a three-day Civil War battle and camp reenactment weekend in Lincoln's historic Hearthside mansion.

Thousands of spectators are expected to attend the biennial reenactment, this year it will be called "The Road to Richmond;" a reference to the Union Army's attempts at taking the Confederate capital.

David Olstein, the museum manager for Hearthside House Museum, described a typical battle reenactment.

Photo by Flo Jonic.

Rhode Island and the Civil War

PROVIDENCE, RI – This year marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War. The battle to preserve the union and end slavery claimed more than 600,000 lives; two thirds of them from disease. It was a war in which Rhode Island - a strong abolitionist state - more than held its own. Listen to Rhode Island Public Radio's five-part series on the Civil War, reported by Flo Jonic.